Thursday, January 21, 2010

We are growing Pookie's bangs out, and they are in that awkward in-between stage. Tuesday she was pushing the hair out of her eyes and I said, "Ah, do you have hair in you eyes?."
"No Mommy, I have eyeballs in my eyes."

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Doubts and Temper Tantrums

I've been really struggling with school lately. Mostly because Wonder Boy has been struggling, too. Academically he is doing great, but it is a struggle to get him to go and stay on task. Over the Christmas Break I snapped and realized exactly how draining school had become for me. I told him and Charlie that we had to have some changes if we were going to continue to homeschool. all of my energy and time was being taken up fighting with Wonder boy about going to school. i mean, I don't expect everyone to jump up and down and say "Yippee! Can I do extra lessons, Mom?" On the other hand, we can't have a screaming fit that involves snot, tears and possible breath holding.

Today was another tantrum kind of a day. I told Wonder Boy to do a few things while I got Pookie dressed. When I can back, he was playing with Legos.

"Did you do all your work?"


"Why don't you go do that?"

EXPLOSION "I don't want to go to school. I didn't understand. Growl. Shriek" and on and on until he was sent to his room.

I have to admit I got on line and checked out a few schools in the area. Maybe this little experiment was not working out. Maybe Wonder Boy would be better off in a traditional school.

I was not really encouraged. Finally I decided that I really want him to be educated at home. I know I would hate dealing with the school system and I know really Wonder Boy would too. I like the freedom of of teaching what I think is best. Besides, the issues we are having would not go away if he attends school.

Sigh. That would have been easier.