Friday, July 2, 2010

More Good News

We met with surgeron that be woking on Bear's hip.  She is hoping to schedule the surgery for some time this month.  Little Bear will be in a spica cast for six weeks.  A spica cast goes from waist to either knees or feet.  Six weeks is more than I'd like, but less than I feared.

She also said that Bear doesn't really have club feet.  He has something called rocker-bottom feet, and Dr. Farley said that it is related to the tibal hemimelia.  I got the feeling that she was surprised by the number of issues that Little Bear has. We're still not sure how treatment will proceed for his legs and feet. but we have time for all of that later. 

The last of my news is that we have been blessed with the offer of help from a friend's daughter.  She has not found work for the summer and is lloking to add child care experience to her resume.  Cheala may really keep our chestnut out of the fire in regards child care and keeping the house from exploding as we care for Bear.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

spell check is back

Yeah.  I just spent the last five minutes check the spelling on old posts.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Little Bear and Wonder Boy. 

As unlikely as it seems, they share the same birthday.  Wonder turned 8 and Little Bear turned 3.  Their birthday was the 26th which was Saturday, and around here Saturdays are a work day.  We might have blown off all the work that needed to be done, but Charlie was leveling the floor so we could fix our washing machine and it really had to be done.  We had a great birthday dinner and then took Bear to the Build-a-Bear Workshop for his very own stuffed animal.  On Sunday we continued the celebration by seeing Toy Story 3.  Each parent took a turn taking some of the kids to see the movie since Little Bear has no interest in television and movies.  I took Wonder Boy and Charlie to Pookie and Jophus.