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Spence Chapin Special Needs Program\
Rainbow Kids
Adopting Children with Limb Differences- Yahoo Group

China Adoption
China Adoption Online
China Adopt Talk Forums  This is also referred to as RQ, which, as far as I can tell stand for "Rumor Queen."  It is a very active forum, especially the Special Needs area.
Advocate for WC  This is another VERY active yahoo group.  It can total as many as 3000 messages a month, and is a really great place to learn about the China WC program.

Transitioning the Adopted Child into Family Life
1. Be aware of the risks of adoption, especially older children
2. Continue the "institution" life for 3-6 months, in terms of language, food, and routines.
3. Limit stimulation (social and environmental)
4. Limit secondary caregivers.
5. Parents should be somewhat reserved with affection in the beginning to avoid encouraging indiscriminate affection from the child.  (This goes against the grain, but I think it is to encourage genuine affection from the child instead of playacting.)
5. There should be an intense focus on behavioral control and immediate compliance with parental and home directives.
6. Gradual transition from institutional from institutional life to home life.
7. Adult supervision from primary caregivers ONLY.
8. Continual rehearsal and role playing for behavior challenges.
9. Continual positive reinforcement for pro-social behavior.
10. Family contingency plan for all privledges and activities.
The "needs of the post-institutionalized child must outweigh the needs of the parents to provide immediate love and affection."

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