Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Both Charlie and Wonder Boy started breaking [boards] in Tae Kwan Do last month.  I missed Wonder Boy's first break, but I caught his second and Charlie's first.  It was so cool.  I burst into spontaneous cheers when they did it.

All Souls Day

Today is the day that we remember those who have died, but not yet attained Heaven.  These are the souls in Purgatory undergoing purification before entering Heaven.

Today I pray for:
my father-in-law
my aunt
my two grandfathers
my grandmother
my great grandmother
those who died alone and forgotten

Eternal rest grant to them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.  May they rest in peace.

Moving Soon

We just bought our dream home.  Wanna see it? 

Hey it reenacts, too!  It's really a modern suburban colonial pretending to be Victorian.  It was built in 1954 and totally remodeled a few years ago.  We should move right around Thanksgiving.

you never know

Little Bear has frequent outbursts.  Some days it is fine, but when he is tired, hungry, or overstimulated things can get ugly.  What follows can be maniacal laughter, shouting, biting, spitting, or hitting.  I have actually been overhauling our daily routine to reduce the possibility of problems.

The other day I was at gymnastics and this kid, who was about 9-10, was having a complete fit.  Yelling, threatening, demanding.  He was totally out of control.  One part of me thought, "Boy, have I been here.  My son acts just like this sometimes."  The other part of me wanted to get up and shake this child and tell him that he should be ashamed of his behaviour and how he was treating his mother.  Then it struck me that you just never know some one's situation.  This child could be autistic,  He could could be a foster child from a traumatic home.  He could be moving from one parent to another one.  He could be newly adopted.

I was quick to judge and I know better.  So I just want to remind everyone that when when you see a child acting out in public, he could be a brat or he could have suffered a life time abuse. 

You just never know.