Thursday, April 22, 2010

Are these your children?

The author of one of the blogs that I follow (Smile and Trials) occasionally provides respite care for families struggling with their adoptions.  One of these families has decided to disrupt their adoption and is looking for a new home for these kids.  There are two siblings.  The brother is 10 and the sister is 12.  I'm hoping that by putting the word out a new family can be located. 

You can read more about these kiddo and contact Christine Reed at her blog:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some Planes are in the Air

I just checked Delta's flights and they have a flight in the air to Schipol (where we are flying on Saturday.)  Pray God that airports will stay open.

Some Sewing Done

I have finished my petticoat and Pookies bonnet.  In addition, some nice soul offered some outfits for Little Bit.  We're moving right along.

The Volcano that is Ruining My Life

Pretty, isn't it?

Yesterday it looked like airports were going to reopen today in Europe, but this morning report are that another cloud of ash is headed at the continent.  Newly opened airspace may close again.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Please excuse my spelling.  Blogger has removed the spell checker from the editing tools, and while I can spell, I'm not a great typer.

Completly Freaking Out

I've been ok throughout the Torry Hansen debacle.  Concerned and following it closely, but alright.  But this volcano in Iceland is about to do me in.  All the court dates in the world won't help me if I can't get to Russia.  I am so scared that the ash will slow us down and then Russia will decide to close things down. 

Last week a volcano in Iceland began to erupt and has produced such a thick cloud of ash that it has close down most air travel in  Europe.  I believe that some flights are resuming to today, but as the volcano continues to spew ash I don't know when regular flights will resume.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What a roller coaster today was.  It started with reporting that Russia had susspended all adoptions to the US. Andri Nesterenko, a memeber of the Russian Foreign minstry announced that the suspension was necessary for the US and Russia to sign a bilateral treaty "to moniter the living conditions of" Russian adoptees in the US.  Charlie called the agency and they said that all was still well and if anything changed then they would post it on the website.  By lunch, reports were stating that a shutdown was just a rumor.  The Minsitry of Education, which oversees adoptions was unaware of a shutdown. 

Meeting are scheduled on April 20th between the US and Russia to discuss the situation.  I'm not certain how will these will go.  One element of the treaty that Russia want included is the ability to prosecute American who commit crimes against these children.  (Russian adoptees reteain their Russian citizenship until they are at least 18.  Therefore Russia would like to seek justice for its minor citizens.)  I don't think that will happen, but with this adminstration you just never can tell.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Adoption is Safe

We contacted our agency on Friday and asked if in light of the Torry Hansen sacndal, if our case was still progressing.  Our case worker said that they had gone over all of the agencies pending cases and they were all safe.  I don't know what the case will be for others who are not as far along, though.

Sewing Again

We are geting ready for our fist re-enactment of 2110.  I'm working on making sure we all have two sets of clothes.

 I've also been reworking my green dress since I finally figured out that the resaon it didn't look good was that it was way too big.  I took the whole thing apart, which made me literally sick to my stomach.  The bodice is back together and on the waistband.  I have also reset the sleeves and I like them very much.  I pleated the skirt, but it didn't turn out the way I like so I may re-do that.  I am also going to shorten the sleeves as they were too long as well. 

Porjects still to do:
New chemise for me
New drawers for me
Put ruffles on petticoat.  From what I understand ruffled petticoats were not really worn in the 1860, but My dress does not have enough poof at the moment and I don't have a cage.  Most folks will tell you that wearing a hoop or cage while cooking over an open fire is dangerous and since I will be cooking I will compromise authenticity slightly in favor of safety and still get the peroid shape.
Dress for Pookie
Slat bonnet for Pookie
Shirt for Wonder Boy
Pants for Wonder Boy
Nightshirt for Wonder Boy
Nightshirt for Jophus

We bought out tent and have also been deciding where we will all sleep and what we will eat at our events.

Our first big event will be at Greenfield Village in southeastern Mighigan.  It will be Memorial Day weekend. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Blessed Easter to You All

Easter this year was a very moving experience for me.    A couple of years ago we began to attend the Triddum masses which begin on Holy Thursday.  It is a little like running a marathon, but so beautiful at the same time.  Each year I find that I look more and more forward to Lent and Easter.

On Holy Thursday our pastor washed the feet of 12 parish members in memorial of when Jesus washed the feet of His apostles.  Thus our pastor demonstrates his willingness to follow Jesus's example and serve the parish.  This year I volunteered to have my feet washed.  Fr. Mark gently and lovingly washed and dried both of my feet and then kissed them.  It was veryhumbling to see how someone can completely dedicate himself to others, and it was a powerful reminder of how I should be humble and serve my family in my vocation as wife and mother.  At the end of mass the Eucharist is removed from the tabernacle.  We are then asked if we will "remain and pray" with Jesus as he asked His disciples in the garden.  Charlie and I brought the children and then each of us took a turn with the Blessed Sacrement until the church closed at midnight.

On Good Friday we attened the Liturgy of the Passion of the Lord.  It also included veneration of the Cross.  That evening we also watched the Passion of the Christ, a movie I have resisted seeing thus far.  I though I would be sick, but it was good to see such a graphic presentation of what our Lord we through fior us all.

Finally, my favorite mass of the year-- Easter Vigil.  It starts outside at sundown when the new Easter candle is lit.  The choir does an amazing job and several of the readings are sung and chanted.  It makes for such a rich experience.  About one and a half hours into the mass we finally get to the opening prayer (Who says the church doesn't have a sebse of humor, Charlie says.)  This is also when adult and older children get baptized and/or become confirmed.  It is so beautiful!

Easter morning we get up and the children see what the Easter Bunny got them.  This year was extra special becaus ethe weather was so nice.  I don't ever remember such a warm Easter.  We barbecued and then went to the park and played bocce.