Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Never Eat Anything bigger Than You Head

We have a rule in our house: Never eat anything bigger than you head. I so bit off more than I can chew. One of the reasons that it's been so quiet on the blog is that I made a commitment to attend a Civil War re-enactment this coming weekend as a re-enactor. I'm really excited. I get to dress up in period clothes and talk to people and learn all about the Civil War from the inside out. BUUUUUUT, in order to dress in period clothes, you have to have period clothes, and you can't just go buy them. (Or rather you can, but its really expensive.) So you have to make them. Great . . . except I don't sew. Well, I didn't before, but in the last six weeks I've learned. I've been spending several hours a day making shirts for the boys, a corset, petticoats, chemises, and dresses for myself and Pookie. Thank goodness Charlie is able to borrow what he needs.

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