Friday, October 30, 2009

Wearing Me Down

We have been dilly dally-ing getting all this paperwork going again. After the monumental disappointment of losing Sweet Pea it was hard to get motivated to start diving through hoops again. I think we are back on track though. I have contacted everyone and now I'm just waiting to get papers back from all parties involved. This includes:
- our family doctor (5 appointments)
- the city assessor
- the mortgage company
- Charlie's HR department (twice-- three time really since the first time they didn't quite do what we asked the first time)
- new document from the homestudy agency
- new police checks
- a psychiatrist
- a CPA

In adoption it's more than "Here, jump through these hoops." It's "Wait, let me set the hoops on fire before you jump. Try not to get singed."

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