Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Yippee!  Little Bear was misdiagnosed while in Russia.

For all of you that may not know, Little Bear has pretty significant limb differences.  I didn't mention it in posts because I decided not to make a big deal about it.  He was diagnosed with "tibia anomalies, hip Dysplasia and club feet" while in Russia.  We weren't really certain what would hold up when he got home and what would prove to be a non-issue as Russian physicians diagnose very differently than American doctors.  (As a matter of fact I think our family doctor was terrified when he read the medical abstract.  "You were looking for a special needs child, weren't you?" he asked.)

In all the reports that we have, he is labeled as missing his tibias.  I was really worried because the tibias are the weight bearing bones and most of the children that I have heard about who are missing tibias have had to have their legs amputated.  Today was our first appointment with the orthopedist and we were told that this is not the case.  He is missing his fibulas, which is a much better bone to be missing. 

His right hip is out of its socket and that is much more serious and we will have to have surgery for that.  In fact it sounds as though the next year will be a series of surgeries.  At some point after the hip surgery Little Bear will also have to have his tibias straightened and possibly lengthened.  (I bet that is as much fun as it sounds.)  His feet will also have to be straightened out as they are clubbed. 

The doctor said that there is much more positive than negative going on and what Little Bear has is in good shape considering the complexity of the deformities in his lower limbs.  (I hate the word deformities, but we have to face facts.  His limbs were formed wrong.)  Overall, it was a very positive visit and I'm ready to start the process and get Little Bear's legs in the best shape possible.

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