Friday, November 12, 2010

The cast is off

Snuggling with Daddy
Little Bear's cast came off about a month ago.  He has three amazing scars on his right leg.  One runs the length of his thigh.  One is on his hip and there is one in his inner groin.  I was so thrilled to get that thing off because he had had several diaper leaks and the cast was beginning to  . . ahhem  . . . have a bit of an odor. 

Before the cast came off I was shocked by how well Bear got around.  He spend most of his waking hours on his belly because it gave him the most independence.  He could also roll from front to back, so he could choose what position he wanted to be in. 

The first day he spent a very long time in the bath tub not only relaxing and getting clean, but also allowing all that the skin that he had not shed slough off.  It took a little while to get him to try but he started crawling pretty well in about a week.

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