Friday, January 6, 2012

Are they all yours?

When we are out during the day I frequently hear, "Are they all yours?" (Sheesh folks, there are only 4!)  I was really surprised one day to hear a cashier say, "Thanks for having the courage to have more than one.  Babies are great." 

I thought about this for a long time.  Having the children is not a sacrifice.  Well, not completely.  I mean, loving anyone involves sacrifice.  I get so many things from them.  I would  never be the person that I am today without the children.  They have challenged me to grow in maturity, patience and self donative love.  Without them my faith would not be as strong and I would never considered thinking critically about the culture that we live in and if I really want to live in it.  I would be less organized and much more lazy.  (Not that I excel in any of these skills.)

They are my desolation, my mortification, my sanctification and my consolation.  They remind me that God has faith in ME.

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