Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Everyone! May the peace of Jesus Christ be with you throughout this year.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We did. I am always torn around holidays. Our families live so far away and traveling is a HUGE pain, but staying home just doesn't feel like a holiday. There is no hustle and bustle and a thousand kids and hugs and kisses.

Anyway, we stayed home this year and it was lovely (even though we were by ourselves). The present opening lasted all day. Of course, first thing in the morning the children got up to see what Santa got them. All of his offering were well received. Pookie got a doll strolled and some big girl panties. (I'm not sure what she will do with them since she refuses to sit on the potty right now. GRRRR) Jophus was offered a really great sled and a Scooby Doo board game. Wonder Boy also received a nice new sleeping bag for his scouting adventures and a book. Charlie and I received items that we really needed, mostly for reenacting-- not like socks and underwear, and would have had to buy anyway. It's so nice when Santa get you that kind of stuff.

After church the kids had a big snack and a rest while Charlie and I began to cook Christmas dinner. The kids did a great job helping us plan the meal and even preparing it. On the menu was duck, a roasted beet and goat cheese salad (their choice, honestly) wild rice stuffing and candies sweet potato wedges. We had a creme brule and roasted pear tart for dessert. Yum!

Christmas dinner was about three o'clock and after that we opened the rest of the gifts. Jophus loved his puzzle from his god parents and then came the big gift from their grandparents. They each opened a big box and . . .
(I was expecting screaming and shouting)
. . . what i got was stunned confusion.
"Wii? This won't work," says WB. "We don't have a Wii system."
"This is the system." I say smiling. It took a while for them to understand that they were really going to get to have a Wii, I think because I am not a huge computer or video game person and thus far had declined to let them have anything. They have had a blast the past two days playing around on it.

Now for the very best. I got a new sewing machine. My old one was worn out and not really up for the kind of sewing I'm starting to do. the new one is so pretty and has a case to keep it safe in. Yippee!

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