Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wonder Boy has been learning to sail all this week.  Actually the learn to sail class that he is in got all the kids sailing on the first day.  He has one more week to go ans he is having a great time.

In the other hand am staring to plan for next school year, which is  not nearly so fun.  With all the medical concerns Little Bear has this summer has kind of gotten away from me.  I need to start to plan all our materials and see how we will keep the little ones busy so I can teach the big ones.  I am hoping to combine both WB and Jophus into one class for some subjects so I can decrease teaching time.  I may also try some unit studies so that everyone can participate.

Little Bear's first surgery has been scheduled for August 31st.  On one hand, I am glad to get things going and on the other, I am really scared about things will go.  The recovery will be pretty intense for all of us, I think.  On the other had it will keep us home and get us into the routine of school.  I am very thankful that we have had this summer to just play.

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