Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Little Bear is doing fine

Yesterday was Little Bear's hip surgery.  We arrived at 8:30 at the hospital and he was taken into the operating room at 9:45.  Hewas notobviously scared and that was a relief.  I was able to go with him while they put him under general anesthesia so I think he was less frightened.

The we began to wait.  And wait.  We were very blessed that the hospital is testing a new system for long procedures and they gave us a cell phone that the nurse could use to call us with updates.  About 4:00 our surgeon cam down to talk to us and let us know that everything looked good.  While she was speaking to us they were putting on his spica cast and sending him for a CT scan to make sure the hip stayed in place during the casting.

Bear is handling the pain pretty well, although he says that his hand hurts where the IV is.  I can tell that he is not feeling as well today.  Last night he wanted to eat and drink.  This morning he is not interested at all.   was very surprised that the doctors said that they might release him this afternoon, but I think that if he tolerates the pain and everything looks good Bear will rest much better without the constant parade of people in here and so will I.

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  1. I tried to email you the day of his surgery but it bounced. We've been thinking about you all and praying for a smooth recovery!