Sunday, December 5, 2010

How do you keep the Sabbath?

A few years ago we decided to dedicate Sunday as a day of worship and rest, a true Sabbath day.  The worship is the east part.  The more my faith has grown the more I enjoy Sunday mass and the more I want to get up in the morning and be with God.  Ironically, I think that I have sat through about 7 masses without interruption from one child or another.  (One sees God's sense of humor here.)

A day of rest and relaxation is a little bit harder to implement.  We decided not to "work " on Sunday.  For our family it is not the time to clean the garage or mow the lawn.We play on Sunday.  It is the day to go to the zoo or museums.  Sometimes we go to the lake or swimming or to a movie. 

This is where I hope  we are implementing the Sabbath rest properly.  When we do these activities, frequently  we are requiring others to work and keeping them from their rest.  On the other hand, they would be working anyway.  My staying home would not change that. In many respects what we do is not always relaxing either.  There are days where we end up overtired and frazzled.  Is this  in the spirit of what God meant?  Ah, the thorny questions of life.

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