Sunday, December 5, 2010

So much to be thankful for

We have had some mixed blessings around here lately.  Namely, at Little Bear's 4 week check-up following his surgery in September, we found that his hip was still not in a good position.  Our doctor ordered a CT scan and to confirm her suspicions.

The results were that: a.) Bear had the highest femur she had seen in a long time. b.) Then head of the femur is large and the socket of the pelvis is small and very shallow.  She says it is more like a saucer than a bowl.  c.)  We need to repeat the surgery to shorten the femur (Hey not too much!  The boy doesn't have a lot of height to work with.)  and clean out the socket.  During surgery she also put a pin into the hip to keep everything in place .  Three weeks post op the cast will be removed and they will take the pin out.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving we were back in surgery.  Everyone at our hospital is great and Little Bear was as comfortable as possible.  We only stayed one night and were able to be home for Thanksgiving.

I have been so blessed this year though. 
*This time last year we were just getting to meet Little Bear and now he is our son! 
*So many of his medical conditions were wrong (to our benefit) and he continues to surpass the limits people expect him to have. 
*We have a great doctor who "likes a challenge."
*Wonder Boy has matured and mellowed a bit in the last year.
*Jophus is learning to read and has natural math gifts
*Pookie has a very funny sense of humor.
*I have the best husband in the world, who shares my parenting and life goals.
*I know that God love me more than I can ever imagine.  Otherwise this crazy ride called life would overwhelm me.

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