Thursday, February 2, 2012


Last week was one of those hurry, hurry, rush, rush kind of weeks.  We has three doctor's appointments in three days.  Little Bear had a very bad week due to that stress that culminated in a total screaming meltdown from both him and me.  It was not a bright shining moment for either us.  He bit, hit, and scratched finally drawing blood.  (I always said that I would be totally honest on the blog.  I want people to understand both side of adoption.  Adoption is a beautiful thing.  We were called by God to do it, but it has tested everything in me.  I'm not going to paint things things rosy when they aren't.) 

This week we are taking it easy.  I canceled school this week and took a little vacation.  We have been so stressed out that we have no mental and emotional reserves.  The smallest stress send us into a tailspin because are running on empty all the time. 

I have spent time this week reading, going to the zoo and museums  and spending time with the kids not doing school work.  Hoping this will revitalize our school and re-energize our spirits.

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