Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Orphan Sunday

Ok, I know it's not Sunday, but I've been busy.

I am totally taken with this young lady and hoping that someone out there is ready to be her mommy and daddy. 

"Dawn" is 12 1/2 years old and has Spina Bifida.  I know that sounds scary, and I'm not making light of it, but there is so much more that she can do, than she can't.  She uses a wheelchair, but can get in and out of her chair and can go up and down stairs on her own.  when asked she said that she knows that being adopted and moving to another culture would be hard, but she wants a family and she is willing to work hard.  She also knows that she will have many more educational and job opportunities her than in China where wheelchair use is not as common. 

"Dawn's" personality just shines and I can tell  shat she will grab any opportunity and run with it.
"Dawn" must be adopt by her 14th birthday.  After that she is not eligible for adoption.  She is on the shared list which means that ant agency doing adoptions in China can request her file and facilitate her adoption.  She is also special focus so you can get permission to adopt before you even have a homestudy.  Her birthday is Feb. 6, 1999.

Note:  The name Dawn is merely a pseudonym.  All you should need is her birthday and special need to get things going.  On the shared list her special need is listed as "bilateral paralysis of lower limbs."

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