Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I do not have that many kids.  There are only four.  So imagine my shock yesterday when the receptionist that the vet asked me if they were all mine.  "Yes," I said.
"Well you know, they know how that happens now . . ." he said with a smile.

I know he was trying to be funny, but I found this really offensive.  What could someone be implying when they say things like that?

You have too many kids.  (Which one should not have been born?)
You are irresponsible.  (None of our children were unplanned.)
You have too much sex.  (None of your business)
You can't possibly give these children everything they need.  (We may not give them everything they want, but they have everything they need.)
You are over populating the Earth.  (This country is struggling to maintain replacement birth rate.)

For goodness sakes, let's think a little before we speak. 


  1. I love you baby but you're being a little overly sensitive. That's just an attempt at humor. For all you know, he may be wishing he he had the courage to do the same. I've said the same to folks, with a smile and a "not me!" It doesn't mean everyone disapproves. It just means. "I" don't have the patience or courage to handle more than one or two. Lighten up. Remember the Brizas, the Rodriquez. "Multiplied like rabbits" They were good friends. We loved them. All of them.

  2. My point is that it's NOT funny. I wouldn't make a comment on poeple's small family or lack of children. (What only two kids? Maybe you should try harder.) That would be rude, and it is no more ok to be thoughtlessly rude that it is to be rude on purpose.

  3. I grow weary of the comments about our family size. People can be so rude without even thinking. They just don't realize what a blessing little children are.
    Mrs. G