Monday, June 25, 2012

The World Gone Mad

Graces is the game you see pictured.  Each player has two sticks and he uses them to fling the hoop.  the second player tries to catch the hoop on her sticks.  It is a simple and charming game.

This is the warning on the game of graces we recently bought.

Caution: Not a Toy
The Games of Graces is a sporting games played with sports equipment--it is not a child's  toy.  The game is intended to be played by adults or with adult supervision of children at least 8 years old.  Be aware of players around you to avoid collisions; leave adequate space among player, and among spectators, to avoid hitting anyone with a  grace wand or with the flying hoop; wear eye protection to avoid injury from wands or with the flying hoops; do not send a hoop flying toward an opponent if that opponent is unaware of you actions; do not sent the hoop toward any player's head; if a hoop is coming towards your head, move to avoid contact; play on a flat suface to avoid falls . . . etc., etc., etc.

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