Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Montessori on the Cheap- Red and Blue Rods

No doubt about it, Montessori can be expensive.  There are specialized materials, and a lot of them.  since we are using Montessori ideas to supplement our schoolwork it makes sense to make and find what we can instead of buying all new materials.  Especially since Bear and Pookie may breeze through some of the exercises.

Number Rods 2.JPG
Image from Montessorialbum.com

Blue and red number rods:
I made a small set from a photocopy.  They are not very hardy.  I would definitely make something more sturdy if we were going to use them more often.
A set of printable number rods from Montessori Print Shop

Number Rod Control Chart and Numbers (Image from Montessori Print Shop)

Some people make full sized rods from 1x1s like at Montessori MOMents.  There are smaller sized rods like over at Walk Beside Me , but my favorite idea is at Totally Tots . She used the ever present blue and red dupolos.  I love it!

Duplo Number Rods by Julie from The Adventues of Bear at Totally Tots

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