Monday, July 13, 2009

Plumbing Woes

Last month we finally had our powder room remodeled. It had been torn apart for about 2 years. The final thing for the contractor to do was put in the toilet . that was when he came to me and said that the toilet wouldn't flush. the returned the toilet and got a new one. Still not flushing. I called a plumber and the final diagnosis was that the sewer line in the laundry room was back-pitched. What does this mean you ask? Well, it means that the pipes are tilted the wrong way and the water and such can't flow downhill to the main sewer line. On Friday they busted up my floor (It's never a good day when they bring a jack hammer into your laundry room.) replaced the pipe and closed up the floor.

Guess what? The toilet still won't flush. At first they thought they would have to put in a vent, which would mean cutting (the newly finished) wall open, but upon further inspection there is another pipe under the main part of the house that is also back-pitched. Tomorrow some unlucky soul (by virtue of being the thinnest employee and therefore able to fit into the crawl space under the house) will have to replace it.


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