Monday, April 12, 2010

Sewing Again

We are geting ready for our fist re-enactment of 2110.  I'm working on making sure we all have two sets of clothes.

 I've also been reworking my green dress since I finally figured out that the resaon it didn't look good was that it was way too big.  I took the whole thing apart, which made me literally sick to my stomach.  The bodice is back together and on the waistband.  I have also reset the sleeves and I like them very much.  I pleated the skirt, but it didn't turn out the way I like so I may re-do that.  I am also going to shorten the sleeves as they were too long as well. 

Porjects still to do:
New chemise for me
New drawers for me
Put ruffles on petticoat.  From what I understand ruffled petticoats were not really worn in the 1860, but My dress does not have enough poof at the moment and I don't have a cage.  Most folks will tell you that wearing a hoop or cage while cooking over an open fire is dangerous and since I will be cooking I will compromise authenticity slightly in favor of safety and still get the peroid shape.
Dress for Pookie
Slat bonnet for Pookie
Shirt for Wonder Boy
Pants for Wonder Boy
Nightshirt for Wonder Boy
Nightshirt for Jophus

We bought out tent and have also been deciding where we will all sleep and what we will eat at our events.

Our first big event will be at Greenfield Village in southeastern Mighigan.  It will be Memorial Day weekend. 

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