Thursday, September 9, 2010

The First Day of School

Started school on Tuesday.  Was I even a little bit prepared?  Nope.  We are still missing school books but decided to go ahead anyway.  I have spend the better part of the weekend to revamp our Rule of Life and menus.  So this week we have a light week and next week we will really get things moving. 

The boys have done a great job and experienced a few epiphanies.  "Wow, Mom, if I work hard, this gets done really fast."  Yep.  I'm glad it only took you FOUR YEARS to figure that out. 

I am committed to really making this a great year and including more things that really bring learning to life.  I mean if we are going to home school (which is A LOT of work) we might as well take advantage of all its benefits.

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