Saturday, September 18, 2010

Homeschool Uniforms?

This year I decided that the boys would wear uniforms on school days.  The reasons were many.  First of all every morning they would fuss and complain, " I want to wear this." or "I'm not wearing that.."  I decided to circumvent all that drama by giving them specific clothes to wear.  It also creates a certain unity at our school.  I have observed over the last two weeks that the boys also take school a little bit more seriously. 

Their uniforms are nothing more than navy blue pants or short and polo shirts.  They don't all match.  In fact, we got most of the shirts at resale shops.  I finished off their uniforms with slip on jungle mocs from Land's End.  these are perfect because they function as running shoes, but look a lot nicer.

I was concerned at first about this decision because I'm don't want to recreate school.  I figure if I'm going to homeschool the kids I want the experience to be different from what they would be getting at a school-in-a-building.  I have found that the uniforms have been an asset to our school and our day.

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