Monday, March 5, 2012

China suspends Wastch Adoption agency

"Due to a suspension by CCCWA, Wasatch is unable to accept new clients into our China adoption program. All families currently in the adoption process will not be affected by this suspension. All individual list children have been released to the shared list."

I think it is important for people to have accurate information about agencies.  I do not know why this agecny was suspended, but I have heard RUMORS that a person employed at the agency was acting unethically in regards to locking special needs files, allowing people who did not have their dossiers ready get a referral for a child with minor special needs.  This a rumor only and I can't confirm.  BUT I think it is important to know what has happened in an agency's past so you can evaluate them when and if you want to become a client.  An agency that has been unethical in the past, may be in the furture and that can put not only a family's adoption in jeopary, but it can hurt the whole program.

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