Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Exceeding all Exceptations

For all that Little Bear challenges us (and he does) he also never fails to exceed our expectations.  When we signed the papers to adopt him, I had never even seen the extent of Little Bear's special needs.  He was ours, and that was that.  I expected for him to have both legs amputated at the knee and to be dealing with prosthetic limbs so that he could be fully mobile.  I believed that there might be things he could never do.  Boy, was I wrong! 

Little Bear's birthday present last year was a bike.  A few months he went rollerskating for the first time, and just last week he began to walk on the balance beam by himself.  (We go to a great gymnastics school.  The owner/ head coach once asked when Bear was going to join.  I said that I didn't know that gymnastics was going to be his thing since most gymnasts needed fibulas.  He just shrugged and said that they'd get him on pommel horse.)  All this from a child who, when he goes to the doctor gets the very real question, "Can he walk?"

You rock, Little Bear!

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