Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's in a name?

Until today the title of this blog was Mama-saurus Rex.   A long time ago the children all made up dinosaur names incorporating their given name.  There was a Wonder Boy-a-don and a Pookie-aptrix.  It was very cute and very clever.  I told them that I was the Mamasaurus Rex.  I knew all.  I saw all. I was the biggest, baddest dinosaur in town. 

The past two year have proven me wrong.  Parenting Little Bear has brought every flaw, every bump and wart into sharp relief.  Not only do I see my failings and struggles, they jump up , smack me in the face, and run off laughing.

I know little.  I am blind to much.  I am not the best or the brightest.  I am one small voice crying out.

But I love my kids to distraction.  I have a friend that used to say,"I love you as big as the sky, and the sky never ends!"  With that in mind, the blog continues.

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