Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Today I sent in the last of our dossier documents (including the fourth employment verification letter for Charlie, but the first one that they got right.) I repressed the urge to personally drive them across the country and hand deliver them to the agency. It felt great to see all of them slide in the the priority mail envelope.

Now for the bad news. Early in February Russia contacted over 150 homestudy agencies who had late or missing post placement reports. the government advised the agencies that while they were on this list, they would not accept dossiers that had homestudies from these agencies. These reports could have been late for any number of reasons. Sometimes the homestudy agency drops the ball. Sometimes people move and don't contact their agency. Sometimes the placement agency sends them in late. Sometimes they are lost in Russia. Of course our agency was on that list. After a few weeks our homestudy agency contacted me and told us that the problem was "resolved."

Today I found out that the agency had to re-submit the late report. The problem is not resolved at all. They are still on the list. Will Russia accept our paperwork? I don't know.

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