Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Feel Pretty

The five o'clock hour is the busiest around our house. That is when I make dinner and the boys do their before dinner chores of cleaning up and taking bath so that they can watch TV. Pookie mostly plays by herself or will watch TV with the boys. That is what I thought she was doing the other night until I heard:
"Pookie!" Wonder Boy yelled.
"Don't yell at her."
"No, Mom, look."
Pookie had gotten into my makeup drawer in the bathroom and had covered herself in half a jar of cream foundation. It was everywhere. On her clothes, over most of her face, on the bathroom door and rug. It hearkened back to the Auquaphor incident of 2005, when Wonder Boy smeared 10 ounces of Aquaphor (a vaseline-like ointment) all over himself during a "nap." I may have killed her if it hadn't been so funny. She is such a girl already, loving shoes, hats and clothes. I am scared for the teen years. They sound expensive.

1 comment:

  1. This sounds like the time YOU got into my pantry. You were just helping mommy cook. When I caught you, you were covered, head to toe in shortening and cornmeal. The floor was coated and you were one very slippery little booger!
    But these are the times that make sweet memories. Mom