Thursday, June 25, 2009

Common Ground?

I have frequently heard Obama supporters say that the president wants to find common ground with the pro-life community. My question is, is there any? At first I though so, but my beloved husband pointed out that he didn't think so. I said that the president could let abortion be legal, but not use taxpayer money. He oh so intelligently, replied that was compromise, not common ground.

I am convinced. This common ground argument is empty political posturing. Either you think that it's okay to kill a baby before it is born or not. It's a really black and white issue.


You think that a baby can be killed because a big person decided that they want to. You think that an unborn child is not a person. You may think that a child that has certain medical conditions do not have the same value as a healthy baby.


You know that life begins at conception. (If you don't know when life begins, shouldn't you err on the side of caution?) You think that the weak defend the strong. You don't think that people have the right to do things to the detriment (and death) of others.

What common ground do we have? Pro-abortion supporters feel that abortions should be "rare,"but they don't really try to talk mothers out of the abortion. No, they resist pre-natal ultrasound and parental notification. Pro-abortion supporters think people have a right to kill an unborn baby. Pro-life supporter believe it is wrong to kill any innocent person.

What common ground is there?

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