Monday, June 1, 2009

A Day at the Farm

Homeschoolers are frequently criticized for not "socializing" their children. Some people seem to think that if a child is not sent to school, then obviously he is kept them locked in a dark room and never allowed speak to another child. Nothing could be further from the truth. Kids in our homeschool group play sports, are in plays and band, scouting, and rollerskating.

One of the things we do every year with our homeschool group is visit the "Real Life Farm." I love the farm. The kids get to do so many fun activities that they would normally not get to do. When we arrived all the kids we able to play on the playground until it was their turn to ride a pony. There was even a miniature horse for the toddlers. Pookie, of course, was not interested in getting anywhere near the horses. Wonder Boy and Jophus both took a turn, though.

After that it was our turn in the barn. There were goats, rabbits , and kittens to pet. Farmer Don introduced to children to different kinds of goats and each child was able to bottle feed a kid (baby goat, not another student).Then buckets of feed were set our and the children were able to hand the goats and sheep. They could even climb in to the pens. The final activity in the barn was to milk a cow.

When the kids (children, not baby goats) were finished we had a lunch break and more play time. Our final activity for the day was a hay ride. The whole day was a great time for parents and children to learn, play, deepen friendships, and make new ones. It was great!

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