Thursday, May 6, 2010


Court was pretty intimidating, but we got through.  In Stavropol court is a two day process.  On day one Charlie and I met with the judge by ourselves.  (Well also the translator, the lawyer, the court reporter--taking taking hand written notes-- and the representative from the Ministry of Guardianship.)  She questioned very thoroughly about our finances, motives for adopting, how we would care for Little Bit, and what we would do if we got tired of him.  The whole process took about an hour.

The second day was much less involved for us.  Mostly we re-answered questions from the day before, although she did ask a few new ones including did we plan to have any more children.  (Umm, maybe?)  the about half a dozen other people spoke: the orphanage director, the representative of the Ministry of Guardianship, the representative of the Ministry of Education, the lawyer.  Thing that we were most worried about was what the prosecutor might ask.  However it was the Friday of a holiday weekend and pretty much everyone wanted to get the holiday started.

After hearing all of the information presented the prosecutor said that he had no questions and recommended that the petition be grated.  After a short recess the petition was granted.

Yippeee!  Oh frajelous day, calloo calay!

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