Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Visa Debacle

On Wednesday the 21st of April we still had not got our visa and we were leaving on Saturday April 24th, so on Thursday I called the office of the company that was processing our visa.  The visa had not been issued yet, we were told, but it would be today and they would over night it so we would have it on Friday.  Thursday evening we received another call.  We were informed that the visa had been issued for the 26th instead of the 25th.  With that visa we would not be able to get into the country.  OK, on Friday they would have the visa fixed and overnight it to us.  We could go to the Fed/Ex office and pick it up we would have it by 9:00 am so we could leave by 1:00 pm for the airport

Friday was very tense as we finished packing, pick up my parents from the airport and checked in on the visa.  throughout the day we kept hearing, "No it has not been issued yet."  The consulate closed at 6:00 pm with no visa issued, but we were told not to give up hope, they were still working on it.  (What?  Who??)  This is the only time in my life I have actually fallen to my knees in prayer:  Saint Joseph, who loved his foster son, intercede for us, so that we can go and get ours.  After much yelling and screaming we finally got the scoop.  The visa had been issued--- for the 27th of April.  What are they kidding?  How do you mess that up twice?  Ludmilla, they agency rep we were working with had a plan.  If we could get to New York on Saturday, she had someone who would come in and reissue the visa.  She would then drive to the airport and hand deliver them to us.  We quickly scrapped our flights and re-booked.  Everything was set and we only had to see if everything would work.  (At this point I was pretty doubtful.)

Everything went off without a hitch, and we actually arrived earlier than we would have on the other flight.


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