Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We see Little Bit

On Monday morning we got to see Little Bit.  As we climbed up the stairs his group was passing us, although I didn't see him.  All of a sudden I heard, "Mama!"  I don't know if someone pointed us our or if they had just shown our pictures to him lots, but it felt great.  We played well for most of the visit, but he get tired.  He is speaking so well and gets frustrated that we don't understand him. 

Our visits over the next few days had varying degrees of success.  He like his routine and the activities at the orphanage, but he also wanted to play with us.  I think he is also very scared.  He's been told he wants to be adopted and he wants to be, much in the same way that a child who's never been to Disney World wants to go.  It sounds great, but he has no idea what that really means.  On the other hand, his whole life is at the orphanage.  Poor little man.

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