Monday, May 17, 2010

E-mail from Charlie


I made it to Moscow fine. Unfortunately, my bag did not. After accepting the fact that it was not here, I spent several hours at the lost and found desk getting the right forms filled out. Thankfully, the man there was very helpful, it was just a long process. Finally got out of the baggage claim area at 2:00.

They're supposed to deliver my bag to the Park Inn when it arrives, although there's a part of me that suspects we'll never see that bag again.

So apparently, I'll be wearing these clothes until Wednesday or so, unless I get time to do some shopping in Stavropol. The plan is still to come back to Moscow on Wednesday Morning. Irina said the orphanage would most likely loan me clothes for Caleb until I get back here.

I'm using a Russian rent-a-computer here at the Vnukovo airport, and it thinks every word I type is mis-spelled, since they're all in English.

Irina dropped me off here b/c she had to go to the notary today.

Apart from the missing bag, everything else is going okay, I suppose.

Only 2 minutes left of my 15 minutes for 60 rubles. Just thought I'd check in.


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