Friday, May 29, 2009

Homeschool Solution-- Dawdling

Wonder Boy is a, well--er, wonderful boy. However, he is a somewhat challenging child. He's not one to take the easy way. He becomes obsessed with certain ideas. For example, he loves comic book/ superhero characters. If you tell him the name of one, you'd better know his whole life story, his superpowers, and the villains he fights. Then Wonder Boy will want to see pictures and ask if there is video on youtube. (You get the idea.) He has a bright and active mind, is prone to temper outburst, and can be socially immature. (Actually, some of these are characteristics of a gifted child.)

He is also a dawdler, and I've had enough! It's one thing to spend the day homeschooling because you child is working and learning. It's quite another to waste the day waiting for you child to get it in gear and finally work.

Solution-- Assign a reasonable time limit then anything left over gets done during free time. For us, this is during play or television tine. In our house the television is pretty limited, so its a pretty hot commodity. I hope this will take the responsibility of finishing work away from me and give it to Wonder Boy.

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