Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Want My Jamacian Rum!

Most evenings our our family reads aloud from a book, and right now it is Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome. In it several children are pretending to be pirates. In one scene the children are drinking the finest Jamaican rum (aka lemonade). Of course, the boys had to start calling lemonade at our house rum, as well. This morning Wonder Boy had said rum confiscated because he was bragging about having lemonade for breakfast when the others did not. The conversation went something like this:

WB: Jophus, guess...
Mom (interrupting) If you brag about it, I'll take your lemonade away.
WB: what I have--rum. (Very smug.)
Mom: Give it to me.
WB: NO! (not so smug now)
Mom: Give it to me now! (taking the cup)
WB: (who is prone to loud and explosive temper tantrums) GIVE ME MY RUM! I HAVE TO HAVE MY RUM! GIVE IT TO ME!

I could not keep from laughing.

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