Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jophus is a Gymnast

About two years ago Jophus started taking gymnastics lessons. I'd like to say that decision was motivated by the desire to be a great parent-- to get him involved in an activity that he enjoys and that will teach in to be healthy and exercise. Those are great reasons, but I signed him up for lesson to save the couch. Jophus is a BOY and being so he jumps, bounces, twists, stands on, launches off of, and generally misuses all the furniture. All I really wanted was to save us the purchase of a new sofa and maybe a trip to the emergency room.

He's doing great, and is becoming very strong. His teacher is amazing! Jamie loves her work and the kids. She also doesn't let him get away with anything, which is very important with my kiddos who define "give and inch, take a mile."
At the end of every tweleve week session, I always ask Jophus if he wants to try something new, but he always want s to take more classes because "I'm going to be a gymnast!"

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