Saturday, May 16, 2009

Two Things I Hate

At the grocery store on Friday a nice little old Italian lady saw me with the kids and said, "You were so smart. you had two boys and then tried again and had a girl. Me, I said, I'm not going to try again, and risk having another boy. Boys are nice, but girls . . . " Oh my goodness, my boys are standing right there! I mean, they are short, but not deaf. Nor are my kids stupid. They are going to get the implication that they are not as cute, lovable, or valuable as girls.

This attitude is one I have run up against again and again since Pookie was born. "Decided to try again and see if you got a girl this time?" "Got your girl, so you're done now, huh?" For all I complain about things my kids do (and I do, we all do) I like having boys. I like the energy. I like the straightforwardness. I like how boys get right in the thick of things. I like camping, toads and skinned knees. A boy will never wonder if they should go play or not because they might get dirty. A boy will never come crying to you because someone "won't let me apologize." In conclusion, my first two children were not place holder or consolation prizes that I got until I received what I really wanted. (Told you I really hate this.)

The second thing I hate is when strangers see me out with the kids (I'm a really bad stay-at-home mom) and say, "Boy, are you busy!" Why would you say that? I never look at someone in a store who doesn't have kids and say, "Boy, you look like you watch soap operas and eat bonbons all day." I just don't get it. Are they saying, "Look, crazy lady, your kids are out of control." Have they compared themselves to me and found me lacking. Are they jealous that not only do I have a girl, but two boys, too? Do they know how dirty my house is, and want me to clean it? What are they trying to say?!

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